Key Fob and Remote Tester

Key Fob and Remote Tester

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Key Fob and Remote Tester


  •  Determines if the problem is the key fob or remote and not the system being activated
  •  Saves time by eliminating guesswork
  •  Tests all known vehicle key fobs worldwide


  •  Central locking doors on vehicles
  •  Remote controls for car alarms / passive anti-theft systems
  •  Alarm systems, engine remote start
  •  Remote controls for TV, radio, HI-FI, music centers
  •  Remote controls for access control, door entry systems, specialized audio visual equipment
  •  CB, walkie talkies, ham radio, marine radio, radio telephones & mobile radios


  •  3 LED power level indicators
  •  Handheld & lightweight
  •  Auto off (after 30 seconds) – saves batteries
  •  Simple single button operation
  •  Self-calibrating
  •  Works with RF frequencies, 225, 332, 418 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz including AM & FM signals
  •  Tests PPM and carrier based nfra Red (IR)
  •  Tests amplitude modulation (AM), amplitude shift key (ASK) & frequency modulation (FM) radio waves
  •  2 AAA batteries included